Business immigration lawyer in USA

America is one of the preferred destinations for potential investors. The financial persons from all around the world want to invest and run their business in the USA. It is a common practice for multi-millionaire business-persons to expand their business by shifting to a country like the USA. Also, by such activity, the unemployed US residents can find employment and with foreign investment, also the US economy can get a booster. This business immigration lawyer in US can help you in this harder way.    

In order to manage business immigrants, the US government launched a business immigration US visa in 1990 which is today’s so-called reen Card’. In 1992, a pilot immigration program was formed by the Congress to make this immigration process more foreign investor-friendly. The B-5′ or mployment-based Fifth Preference Category’ visa is a kind of visa in which foreign investors can get permission to move to the USA with their business and family. 

To get visa EB-5, investors have to invest at least 1 million US dollar. And the business they want to expand must have the opportunity of employment for at least 10 lawful American citizens. The investment may vary as there is an option if you invest in the Targeted Employment Area with a high unemployment rate. For investing in such a rural area, it is granted to get EB-5 visa by investing $500,000.    There are certain ways to confirm business immigration visa US.

Here below, some of them are mentioned briefly:   

EB-5 Regional Center Investment- in this process you can be certified for a permanent business visa by investing $500,000 for a five-year period in a government-certified EB-5 based regional center. Within 18 months, you can attain the conditional reen Card’ which will allow you to shift the U.S with your immediate family. Under the reen Card,’ you and your family members can study and work anywhere in the country where no age, education or language efficiency are required.  Investing under regional center is a passive way of investing money where you have to invest in someone else’s business or financial project which means you’ll have no control over your money. And you should invest the money in such business which creates at least 10 employments for American workers. After establishing this requirement, you’ll then become eligible for applying for the permanent visa.  

EB-5 Direct Investment- this is way more direct investment process where you have to invest a higher amount of money like 1 million US dollar. In direct investment, you have to be involved with the business actively. The approval procedure usually takes 18 months. But you can obtain this within 6 months if you can combine the direct investment process with the E-2 visa process. Once you can expand and establish your $1 million worth (minimum) business with minimum 10 US employees for continuous 2 years, you will be qualified for the permanent business visa or reen Card’.   

The 2 ways mentioned above are the most common way of going through the green card certification. Except these two, there are also some other options to become a USA reen Card’ holder. You can apply through the nter-corporate Transferee’ or -2 Work Visa’ which are more sponsorship or affiliation. And if you are an extraordinary person with some unique expertise in education, business, science, art or any personal proficiency area, then you can apply for a green card under B-1 Extraordinary Immigrants’